How To Capture Fireworks With Your Digital Camera

Supplies needed:
Digital camera
Medium telephoto lensEveryone loves to get that perfect shot of a fireworks display. However, it is not how good of a photographer that you are so much as setting your camera to the right settings in order to get that shot that you desire. Proper settings and having the patience to fill up your frame with several firework bursts like how Clash of Clans have their fireworks clashing when you accomplish a task! This will give you that perfect firework picture. Practice and timing are also very important.


Location, location, location. Location is very important when trying to get a perfect picture of fireworks. When setting up your shot, it is important to know where the fireworks are going to be shot. Are they being shot so they just clear a tree line? Are they being shot near street or stadium lights? It is important for your shot that you locate a dark sky location. Just your tripod and camera aim until everything but the dark sky is in your shot. Make sure that all street lights, wires, treetops, buildings are not in your line of sight. Not only do you want those things to obstruct your view of the fireworks, most likely you do not want them in your shot either.The camera and the lens

In order to completely fill a frame with fireworks, a medium telephoto lens is needed. The lens should be in the range of 1-2mm for the fireworks to completely fill the frame. The camera needs to be set in manual focus. The camera will be able to focus on the fireworks if set in automatic mode. Now, change the focus set to infinity. The ISO needs to be 100 or 200. Change the white balance on the camera to either white balance or to flash white. Select the B on your shutter speed. The B stands for the bulb and this exposure allows the camera to remain open for as long as you desire for it to be open. This is important if you want more than one firework burst in your frame.Tricks and tips

Wait until the fireworks begin. They usually begin with one burst at a time, so there is plenty of time to get that perfect shot. Take note where the first burst happens and aim your camera for that spot. As soon as the fireworks are shot, push the button on your camera, wait until they explode while keeping your finger on the button, count to six as fireworks begin to trickle down and then release. It may take a couple of bursts before you have the timing down, but by the time of the grand finale is shot into the sky, you will have it mastered. Remember to shot early in the grand finale, however. This is about the time a lot of smoke and haze beings to fill the sky and this may want to be avoided. However, the smoke can also add a fun effect to your photo if you plan it right.